CLASS XI Online Coaching Live Class Via Studio

Every parent looks forward to provide his/her child best of resources within their respective capacity in order to see their child perform fullest to their potential. It is but natural for a child to be in a suitable atmosphere whether at home or at school. Education is the foundation of every criterion that a student can imagine what his future would seem like. Under these testing times, students being taught in school in a class of 30-50 students, where academics is not the only purpose. Needless to say, schools have many other responsibilities from co-curricular activities to various functions including arts, crafts, sports, physical exercises within the limited time frame. Here, not to mention multiple holidays and forced closures like lockdowns etc.

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Taking the entire spectrum of activities and extraneous factors, optimisation of   students’ time is one requirement that cannot be ignored and calls for desperate measures that can save students’ time and provide them equally effective studying means as schools is, what we call Coaching Classes. When more than 8 hours are spent in school and commuting, students feel exhaustive to travel again for tuitions and again come back to home, resulting in very less time left for self-study. Imagine, if tutors are online and you can access their recorded lecture you just missed this evening from the comfort of your home.

CLASS XI Online Classes

Jigyaasu’s learning app is currently utilised for practice worksheets where multiple students are enrolled. The app provisions for various assessments along with varying degree of difficulty model papers.

In a crowd of online education providers, what separates Jigyaasu from others is features like online coaching classes with personal mentors and one to one mentoring session makes this education provider an efficient means of studies.

Persistent pandemic restrictions coupled with digitisation of all services including education has forced parents and students to look for safer, economic and effective options. Jigyaasu answers all these requirements in a professional set-up.


Digital tuuition classes

Digital Tuitions are means of providing a student-friendly environment where there is no need to carry heavy school bags and boring textbooks to the school and to tuitions from home and exhaust themselves. Education does not mean to force the concepts and theories to stay in mind forever, but it is all about enjoying the knowledge with happiness.

Online Education

Online education are the means of delivering quality education through electronic media and minimizing the cost of traveling along with imparting a feeling of personal growth and enhancement through one-to-one mentoring. Jigyaasu is all set to help the present generation through online education and playing its part in the development of the nation.